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        The opinions expressed in this article are strictly editorial in nature, and are the opinions of the writer.   They are not intended to incite or condone violence in any way.   Rather they are intended to try to find common goals and solutions to our current societal problems.   Hopefully without engendering the kind of stupidity rampant in our current direction.   All rights are reserved by the author, no portion may be copied or distributed by any means without the express written consent of the Author.


    What A Sap

        I'm reminded of an old typing test that began with "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party," or the words of JFK, "ask not what your country can do for you, ask rather what you can do for your country.   With this in mind, I begin this series of articles in hope that I might affect what is going on in this country in some positive way.   Over the course of the next several months, I will discuss many issues as I see them and attempt to offer some better solutions.   In short, to be a voice of reason.   I fully expect that I will come under attack by many.   The attacks will I suspect be made by those with a vested interest in keeping us on our current track, and what I believe, to be an explosive one.   It will be an attempt to preserve the "status quo" and protecting their piece of the action will be paramount to them.

        With that said, I must admit that there are so many things that need to be addressed, that it is difficult to decide where to begin.   We have political correctness, politics and government, race relations, immigration, gun control, labor/management relations, male versus female relations, education, and a whole host of other subjects, each of which we will cover in detail.   So with all of these important issues, how best to start this series of articles?

        Simple; I'll start with you, the all American male.   You stupid, ignorant, lazy, drunken, violent, good for nothing lout.   You, who are responsible for every miserable, reprehensible, and stupid thing that ever was wrong with this world.   At least that's the picture of you that is being painted and portrayed throughout the world.   The question is, just what are you doing about it?   Yes you; not only are you doing nothing, you are doing worse than nothing, you are going along with this nonsense and even taking up the same cry yourselves.   Youíve heard it for so long and from so many sides, that now youíve begun to believe it and repeat it.   Still others of you have been actively promoting this male bashing slop.   Especially some of you well known and Iím sure well meaning idiots.   Well, I for one am here to say; bullshit!   Iím not one to use profanity just to make a point, but sometimes nothing else will do.

        At this point, I'm sure many of you are saying to yourself, not me, I'm not part of the problem, but look around, the facts speak for themselves.   If your not part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem.   Lets look at the big picture here, as well as your own back yard.   Who is coaching youth sports these days, everything from little league baseball to football?   Women!   Who is running for and being elected to local school boards, city councils, etc.?   Women!   Who is even becoming the leaders of our Boy Scout troops?   Women!   In short, who are the role models for our sons?   Women!   Who are the ones who are shaping the minds and attitudes of our sons?   Women!   Who has a vested interest in teaching our sons how worthless they and their fathers are?   Women!   More importantly, how are they getting away with this slander?   The how is easy, they are just filling the vacant spots that you are ignoring in droves.   Why, because you are too busy, too lazy, too self absorbed to get involved.   Wake up; this is just the tip of the iceberg, but even if it was just this much, ask yourself, what values are being taught to our sons and what are the far reaching implications?   As one person who watches overall trends, I can assure you that all is not well in this country, and the American male is busy digging his own grave.

        No; I am not anti-women, nor am I pointing the finger at them here.   That will come in a later article.   My complaint here is with you, the American male and your lack of backbone and pride, and your non-participation in so many areas.   Iím sure, that many of you will think I'm an alarmist, or even more unthinkable, a sexist, but this is important.   It must be said, and we need to get off of our collective butts and do something about it.   We had better learn to communicate with our sons, get involved in what is important to them, and start thinking about how we can reverse the sad trend of thinking in this country.

        Over the next months, I will try to show you what I see and enlist you in a new movement towards something called common sense.   You may have heard of it from your father or grandfather.   Guess what; itís still a viable way of solving problems.   Still, all the thinking, talking, and wishing will never make anything happen, there just is no substitute for action.

        For a start, begin by really listening to what is being said by people all around you.   Listen to news casts, find out if you are being given the full news, or just a slanted portion of the full story.   If you already know the answer to this, what are you doing to get the full story, and how are you countering this dis-information.   Dig for information, it wonít be laying around in open view.   Find out what kind of social issues are being taught in your schools (if you can).   Be sure to learn what slant is being given to those issues.   If you can find out, I think you may be surprised.

        Stop ignoring politics, get involved.   Vote!   Go to school board meetings, express your opinions and demand some follow-up on issues, not just a brush-off.   When they say that they will not have policy dictated to them, remind them, and the press that they are elected to represent the community's will, not to shove their own personal agenda down our throats.   Work in teams if possible, if they won't allow you to say more, let the next team member take up the questions.   Run for office yourself, get up petitions demanding information, and an accounting by boards for what is being taught.   Write your congressman, call or write your local news station and the networks.   Demand that they report the full news and not just some slanted propaganda.

        As for the press, remember when reporters were taught to just report who, what, when, where, why, and how and then let the reader or viewer decide what it was all about?   Nowadays, it seems to be who, what, when, where, why, and how can I make a point with this that will advance my peronal views and agenda.   How can you change it?   Call, write, and refuse to watch, read, or listen to them.   Itís called ratings; BIG POWER.

        Ask yourself; with the increase of control in this country by women and minorities over the last twenty years, has our society improved or declined?   I know what I believe, and what government statistics show, do you?   We as men cannot continue to be fragmented in our actions, we must openly organize just as the other minorities have done.   Strength in numbers!

        Volunteer for scouting, sports, etc.   Learn to do it and do it right.   Teach the kind of values that made this country great.   Form groups, discuss issues, let your views be known.   Get off the couch, get off the links, get off your duff.   This is too important to just ignore.   Your sons are getting frustrated, angry, and just plain hopeless about their future.   Itís time you got your head out of your (well, you know).

    "The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it."
    Alan Saporta


    Future articles will deal with:

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