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        The opinions expressed in this article are strictly editorial in nature, and are the opinions of the writer.   They are not intended to incite or condone violence in any way.   Rather they are intended to try to find common goals and solutions to our current societal problems.   Hopefully without engendering the kind of stupidity rampant in our current direction.   All rights are reserved by the author, no portion may be copied or distributed by any means without the express written consent of the Author.


    Danger! Education!

        Our children are the future; we must build a better future through them.   An admirable sentiment and so well expressed who could argue with it?   Certainly not the institutions of education, in fact, they promote the idea with great fervor, but then so did Adolph Hitler.

        Whoa; back off there you say, along with millions of others you may well find it difficult to believe that anyone could be so crass as to compare the current educational establishment in this country to Hitler and his heinous policies.   Indeed, if you are as brainwashed as I think you are, you might well consider it madness.

        Yet consider this, on educating youth, Hitler said, "this is how I will create a new order.   No boy and no girl must leave school without having been led to an ultimate realization of the necessity and essence of blood purity.

        Now, before you go off on a tantrum, please; be patient, read the whole article to understand what is being said here.   Then make your judgments.

        Of course, the current educational czars are not promoting blood purity, never the less; they are very much engaged in social engineering in much the same manner as others throughout history including Herr Hitler and friends.     They are engaged in social engineering and that includes a new order built in their image of what is correct.

        Not convinced yet?   Or perhaps you are saying to yourself, so what?   Then you might as well go bury your head in the sand, because you may never get it.     Instead, you will go lock-step into politically correct history and increasing turmoil and violence.

        Still unconvinced about the role the educational system is taking in social engineering?   Here is what one educational support group had to say about it.

        "As we approach the twenty first century, there is broad based agreement that the education we provide for our children will determine America's future role in the community of nations, the character of our society, and the quality of our individual lives.     Thus education has become the most important responsibility of our nation, and our state, with an imperative for bold new direction and renewed commitments."

        What gall, what unmitigated hubris.     Since the fifties, they have been trying to build a better future through our children instead of solving the problems on an adult level, because adults would rebel at their attempts to tell us how to think.     Then they say that they will determine the character of our society and the quality of our individual lives.

        Take a moment and reread that passage a few times, get a feel of the underlying message, then you may begin to understand that this is and has been the agenda of education for some decades, not teaching the three R's as mandated.     Now we can begin to make some sense of what has happened.     Educators no longer feel that they are employees of the community, but employees of the school board.     Not just hired to teach our children and build a foundation for their future skills as adults, but rather a national guiding force in shaping our society and molding our thoughts through our children.

        Seemingly becoming more impatient with the long view, educators are increasingly the authors and the focal point of political correctness.   One of their major targets is apparently men, and more specifically the white American male.

        Are you still with me?   Don't see it or believe it yet?   How often and as a solution to what problem have you heard this statement, "education is the answer?"   Well, I say bull!   Shocking?   Well not really, and no I am not anti-education.   Bear with me for another moment before you wash your hands of this whole idea.   Stop and think before you jump to any conclusions.   This nation, as well as many others, which we have had, contact with and influence over for the last one hundred years, are the most advanced and at the highest levels of education that they or we have ever been.   Yet racial tensions, drug use, teen pregnancy, violent crime, and armed conflict are at an all time high and rising.   Not to mention the vast host of other problems we face.   So how has education solved these problems?

        The educators would have you believe that the fault is yours, and if they just had more money, more control over your family, earlier access to your child, and no outside restrictions to their curriculum, then that would eliminate all of the problems.   Except of course when the actual end results do not support their claims.   Then it can all be traced back to poor parenting skills, or bad home environment.

        Again; bull! Our huge education budgets like those of other government agencies are at an all time high and rising (faster than inflation can account for).   I'm sorry, I just don't believe it.   I say to the school systems, show me your track record, and not just the few small samples you like to show off, but all of it.   Don't just show us a few small success stories or give us that same tired old line, "if just one child is helped, it is all worth it.  " Again, bull, I say just one child for several million dollars is a lousy track record.   What about the others, the average do your work and obey the rules kids, are they now second class citizens?

        If you think this is such a good track record, try getting a business loan to start your own school with a track record like that.   The banks and government would laugh you all the way out the door.   Just show us your whole record with all its warts and then you be willing to be held accountable for all of your results, or as they say in business, show us your bottom line.   Frankly, it is pitiful.

        While we are on the subject, show us your home life.   No misbehaving children in your ranks, no adultery, no alcohol abuse, no drug use, no divorce, no cheating, etc.   Get real, you could no more stand up to the scrutiny than the rest of us.   Yet you tell us that you can do better with our children than we can.   Yeah, right.

        I also note that as of this writing, several school districts across the nation are hiring for profit companies to run their schools, in effect, privatizing the public school system.   They tell us that these companies can do a better job and therefore, we should accept the new order of things.   Yet, at the same time, I don't see any decrease in administrations or administrative support staff.   If these companies can do such a terrific job, why do we need you? This seems to be an admission by you that you just can't do the job, yet you want more money and more control?

        So, what is the answer?   Well to start with, maybe it is not the education, but rather the educators and the administrators.   Or perhaps the old saying is truer than we would like to admit.   Those that can, do.   Those that can't, teach.   To that we might add, those who can't teach, administrate and those who can't administrate want to make policy.

        Our whole great big educational system now seems to be based on the newest educational fad program and the most current technology available.   Our administrators seem to be suckers for every salesman that comes along with a new gimmick.   Changing each year with no long-term plans.   Forsaking the concept of teaching our children the basics as a foundation of lifelong learning and yet, having no clue as to how to teach those same children how to succeed.

        Instead, if results or test scores are too low, then lower the standards and make exceptions to make the system look good.   In short, if you don't know how to get the results, then change the measure by which you define success.   Or what has often been called the dumbing down of America.   As someone once told me, if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, then baffle them with bullshit.   That seems to be our modern educational credo, that and stuff if down their stupid throats whether they want it or not.

        It would seem to me that most of the educational system is incapable of teaching our children how to succeed out in the real world, because they have never done it themselves except in an academic setting and so have no true idea of the massive challenges waiting their pupils.   Teachers, administrators, and school board members are isolated and insulated from those pressures outside the academic world this may be less true for some school board members).   They do not have to make a profit or show tangible bottom line results.   In fact, they can get huffy and downright uncooperative if challenged, but our children and we have to struggle for success, based on that foundation.   Plus, this very same education establishment will fight any attempt by parents or other agencies to infringe on their turf in directing these children's education.

        Unfortunately the education establishment and educators have for years had an agenda all their own.   That agenda includes reshaping America in the image they have decided is correct.   What they believe is the ideal that we should all want.   Don't believe me again?   Take a hard look around you.   Look at the government and how it says "it" operates in your best interest.   How do they do that?   Spend money and set a social agenda to help entrench themselves and their cronies in power at your expense.   All while telling you that this is what the majority wants and trying to make you think you must be mistaken in your views.

        Now skip over and look at the news media.   Same agenda.   Now look at education.   Same tired agenda.   What is the common tie here?   You guessed it, education.   Your government is just an enlarged version of your educational system.

        Now, before you write this off as just some far out wacko paranoid off the wall idea, just stop and think about it for awhile.   You may still disagree with me and that's okay, but at least open your eyes and mind and consider it for a moment.   Do something that "they " don't want you to do.   Think for yourself.

        Be aware that most, if not all of the people in these professions are products of the same general education.   The same social education that created the sixties movements, now grown up and in power.   The same inbred education from the same universities with the same social engineering agenda.   Does that mean that I am opposed to education for our children?   Don't be stupid, of course not.   I firmly believe in education for everyone and that means equal educational opportunities.   Which by the way can never mean equal results.   What I am strongly opposed to is the educational agenda of social engineering today.   Which brings me to the white American male.   Much of these groups' agenda is seemingly aimed at bringing down this once proud beast and crushing him into submission.   This brings to mind another quote, this one from a movie.   I believe it was from a movie called "Billy Jack" however the point it makes is still valid.   At one point in the movie a man is standing in a courtroom in front of the townspeople with his shirt off to display his scarred and torn flesh.   Scarred and torn from being wrapped in barbed wire by some influential citizens of the town.   He shows the people what has been done to him, then addresses the fact that they were ambivalent to his pain and the way in which he has been treated, by saying to them.   "If you let them get away with this, just remember that in as much as they can do this to me, they can do the same to any of you."

        So, you say, that's all well and good, but it just doesn't apply in this context.   Sure it does.   We are talking about how the educators of today are actively causing damage to our society by degrading one single segment, the white American male.   By trying to build their idea of what our society should be, by tearing down and wrapping that one segment in barbed wire in order to build a new order.   You could be the next target, and guess what, that's exactly how Hitler did it.

        As for the white American male, remember how this country's educational system was founded and funded by these same men you would deny.   It was built upon, and it taught, yes even demanded strong personal and moral values.   Something that today's educators are forbidden to teach.   I suppose you think that "forbidden" is too strong a word.   Then you had better start checking into your schools policies.

        In today's schools it is taught that there are no set moral values.   What may be right for me may not be right for you, so no one has a right to impose their values on you.   Funny; I thought that was what a society was, a group of people united by common values, and it is up to us to decide what those value will be.   Is it any wonder that our children are angry, sullen, and confused? They have no moral anchor and are even taught that their parents values are wrong (sounds like Hitler youth again).   Surely not you say.   I suppose you again think that I am going a little too far when I say that children are taught that their parents values are wrong.   Then once again you just don't know what is going on in the schools.   Stop for a moment and think about what your personal beliefs are.   Your very own personal value system.   Consider for a moment what values you try to instill in your children about life.   I won't try to tell you what they should be, or even tell you which ones to consider, but I will suggest that you find out how your value system is treated in the school system.   I know that most likely you will find if you dig deep enough, that your value judgements are being systematically denied.

        Your children are being taught about alternative lifestyles as acceptable and viable regardless of your beliefs.   Plus anyone who disagrees with the official point of view is not allowed to say so, and/or is ridiculed as insensitive, and/or misguided, or even worse ignorant and intolerant.   Or perhaps listened to patiently and then their views are twisted, passed off as irrelevant, or just totally disregarded.

        So, if your child seems angry and confused, or fails to accept your values, consider what they are being taught in the school system.   They and we are truly the victims of education and we are forced by law to continue as victims and to keep quiet about it.

        In one school system I know of, the administration required all of the teachers to attend a weeklong seminar to help them with race relations.   In session throughout the week these teacher were told and required to admit to the "FACT" that if you are white, you are prejudiced.   You are a bigot.   Without exception.   However, if you are black, it is not possible for you to be prejudiced.   You are just angry at how your race has been treated by the whites.

        This from the same system that has always been silent on the issue of the Native American, having subdued them and forbidden the learning of their traditional ways, language, and values.   Obviously, not a group with large enough numbers or political clout.

        This seminar is not just an isolated incident.   No, this was a seminar conducted by a large consulting firm, hired with and paid for by your tax dollars, (at a hefty sum I might add) and with the enthusiastic support of a local school board, which by the way complains about the lack of funds for quality education.

        Recently I attended a poet's convention at which hundreds of poets presented their poems.   Among those poets was a young white girl about nine years of age.   This is her poem.


        The black people hide in the dark from the white demons.  
        All alone they shed their tears.  
        All together the white demons spread their anger.  
        The blacks share their love, the whites share their hate.  

        Will we never see peace?
        Will everyone unite?
        Can't we just stop the fight?
        Far from now, but not right now,

        the blacks will not shed a tear,
        nor the whites spread their anger,
        but love will shower over all
        and all will be good.  

        Now I don't know if she learned this view at home, or at school, but I suspect the latter.   This is the kind of emotional and educational garbage and blackmail that is influencing our children and condemning future generations to continuing down this misbegotten path.   This is typical of the type of teaching that is shaping our social agenda.   It shamefully degrades our country's whole social and moral fabric in the name of improvement.   Unfortunately, this is just one example of what passes for education and what you and your tax dollars are supporting.   This type of bias in education is right now, today going on in many forms.   Preparing your children and the next generation to continue in this same self-destructive path.  

        While I have no definitive proof, I also believe that this whole social engineering matter is what has been causing much of the violence we are seeing in our schools today.   The very loud and most reported version of the problem blames the guns that are used, but the old saying that guns don't kill people, people do, is still valid.   Why do we continue to focus on the tragedy itself instead of the underlying causes?

        Why for example are these acts of violence done by young white males?   Could it be that they are acting out of frustration?   Could it be that they are constantly as white males being told that they are terrible, evil and worthless, just as their fathers and grandfathers were?   That they and all white males like them are the cause of all the evil in the world?   Perhaps they are simply trying to be what they perceive as black.   To be a part of what they perceive as the black culture, with the dress, the drugs, and the to hell with everybody violence.   After all, black gang violence and black anger seems to be more acceptable.  

        What is being taught in these schools?   What kinds of messages are our children being bombarded with?   If you look into, and get an honest answer, which is unlikely, you will learn the shameful truth about what is being taught and how the children are being molded and manipulated.   The unfortunate truth is you won't get any of this and if you attempt to get in depth information, or try to stop it, you will find that you have very little control or say in what our educational systems do or teach.   You don't even have a right to this information.  

        Sure, you will find open school board meetings and you will even be allowed to speak.   But, make no mistake; all decisions have already been made in closed meetings and other sessions before they are ever made public.   Plus, meetings have been held with high priced legal firms to be sure of just what they can get away with.   Again, you are thwarted with your own tax dollars and by your own elected officials.   The best you can expect is that they will thank you for your input and promise to consider it.   FAT CHANCE!

        While I am on education, allow me to just add a few observations.   First I am appalled that schools and districts and state boards all over the country are eliminating, or crippling most or all of the vocational education course programs.   The wood and metal shops, the automotive shops, building trades courses, cooking, sewing, etc.   which have only had luke warm support at best for a long time.   Most of them are being replaced with computer courses, office skills, and college prep courses.   While I have no quarrel with the latter, I do vehemently oppose the former.   Now this is where I will hear about our shrinking school budgets.   Please, don't pull out and use that old chestnut, or use the ploy of threatening to cut popular programs in order to get your way.   We have already established that our education budget is one of, if not the highest in the world.   Plus having heard these arguments so many times before, then a few months down the road having funds found for other purposes like obscene administrative raises, perks, or some pet project.   I am no longer impressed.  

        It is not simply a matter of money, but of allocation and desire.   You do not seem to realize or care that the majority of these kids are not going to attend college.   They will need skills relevant to earning a living, and make no mistake about this either.   They will continue to be the backbone of this country, and our economy, and our military, etc.   Do you disagree?   Then try to survive without them.   But then you would have to get your hands dirty, or survive on your own labor.  

        I am also opposed to the massive and ever increasing percentage of our educational budget being directed to the so called "Title 1" programs.   For the benefit of those not informed, those include most of the various forms of "special" education programs, and on a per child basis often exceeds the budget of non-special education children by 100 to 1 or more.   Many times as no more than a day care service for severely handicapped children.   Again I will be labeled as heartless and cruel for my stand, but the excesses and at times the downright stupidity of the education legislation, or at least what passes for education in this regard should be criminal.  

        It is of course just one more example of a few good people, with only the best of motives, even if it is a little selfish, pushing for and getting shortsighted legislation passed.   Then those benefited by, and/or funded by that legislation making sure that it is continued and grows regardless of cost or results.   As long as it is our expense and not theirs.   Those that are in power in our educational system seem to want to insure that everyone be brainwashed with the same agenda, philosophy as they are.   Then to make sure future generations continue in that path by making it mandatory for all decision-makers to be of a like mind and training.   In short, push everything aside except the courses that lead to college, the seat of their philosophy.   This will insure the perpetuation, or domination of their agenda.  

        If you also believe that this kind of education is necessary to be worthwhile, then just remember that many leaders, inventors, statesmen, and innovators did not come from these exalted ranks.   That kind of education is not the end all and be all that we are led to believe, and can only lead to the ultimate downfall of this nation.  

        Are these people evil, or is this some kind of vast conspiracy?   No, I don't believe that, but I do believe that over a period of time, we have all been led unwittingly down a primrose path by well meaning people.   That we have been fed a philosophy that is now accepted unquestioningly and to our detriment.   Though well meaning, they are masters at appealing to the emotions, and manipulating the good and honest intentions in all of us.  

        We must as a people regain control of our schools, our government, and our lives.   It won't be easy and it won't be painless, but it is imperative.   I believe that it is a matter of our survival as a society and as a nation.  

    "He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it."


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